Book Description

When Does Caring Turn into Carrying?

Smart Choices that Will Change Your Life helps women learn how not to carry the burden-emotional and financial, at home and at work-in their relationships with others, and how to start truly caring for themselves. Speaking to thousands of women across the country, Hattie Hill listened to the problems they had in reconciling their original expectations of marriage and career with the realities of today's world. Smart, high-achieving women have an I-can-do-it attitude, but in their determination to accomplish things, they over commit, which often results in burnout, resentment, and frustration.

Smart Choices that Will Change Your Life explores the dilemma of today's women who shoulder a disproportionate share of the load. Hattie Hill takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery with seven smart women who crossed the line, carried their men, carried their families, and even carried their business associates and co-workers:

Smart Choices that Will Change Your Life tells readers not only why, but also how these women instituted the changes, one day at a time, that revolutionized their lives.

About the Author

Hattie Hill, chief executive officer of Hattie Hill Enterprises, Inc., is an international management consultant and professional speaker. She is considered an expert on global leadership, diversity, women's issues, and human relations impacting the business world. Ms. Hill was one of the top business and community leaders honored by Dallas Business Journal and a recipient of the Quest for Success 2000 "Entrepreneur of the Year" award, which honors Dallas/Ft. Worth entrepreneurs for their business achievements and attention to community service. She received the 2000 Working Woman Entrepreneurial Excellence award, which recognizes the achievements and contributions of women entrepreneurs. She lives in Dallas, Texas.